Gucci by Gucci


Gucci by Gucci

Gucci perfumes are expensive generally so I don’t own many and most of those I have are miniatures or small sample phials. This was a small sample phial I picked up as a freebie from somewhere or bought as a job lot on Ebay which is how  I get a lot of my perfumes.


Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini was said to have “unleashed her affinity for masculine notes”  with this one. Gucci by Gucci was the creation of perfumer Ilias Ermenidis, and the notes include guava, raspberry, pear, chamomile, Tahitian Tiare flower, orange blossom, spider lily, patchouli, honey and musk.

Tiare Flower


I don’t have the box but I have inspected it in the shops and found it comes in a pretty dusky pink box with a brown and gold stripe down the middle  with the words  “Gucci by Gucci”  on the front.

Inside you find the bottle is clear glass rectangular one with a decent sized stopper top in gold with a Gucci sort of emblem at the front.  On the front of the bottle is the Gucci by Gucci logo . The lid looks chunky and when I tested this in store I did find the lid very heavy so not one you would mislay in a hurry.

Gucci by Gucci bottle


On the first spray I nearly choked as it is very strong initially and you get hot with a fruity patchouli which is rather too overpowering however it does die down fairly quickly to a more musky woody aroma. There are still sweet almost honey and floral notes that mix with the woody sweetness but not overly sweet.

As the perfume dries down it becomes smooth and quite dry, and almost mildly leathery but sweeter. There is still a hint of the fruitiness but with the amber like spicy warmth. I found it quite a heavy floral sweet scent but despite its initial strength I found it didn’t last that long on me but maybe that was because I tried the EDT not the perfume.

Spider Lily


It is quite exotic with its guava fruitiness combining with the Tahitian Tiare flower which is a bit like a frangipani flower  which is strong sweet and really heady and a scent I love. It has creaminess with musky depth from patchouli.


This is Gucci ‘s  signature fragrance  that they describe as “ for the accomplished, modern woman who, just as iconic women of the past, will be remembered for her unique ability to merge strength and ambition with a sensual, feminine appeal.”


So we have an initial bang of exotic fruitiness with pear and guava this gradually changes and becomes deeply sensual and more floral as the Tahitian Tiare flower emerges and then finally the deeper musky patchouli sits with the sweet notes.


Patchouli – photo from Wikipedia


 This perfume is available in EDT or perfume and the EDT comes in different sizes from 30ml, 50ml and 75ml.

You can buy this is Boots, Debenhams and on line from Amazon and cheapsmells as well as other sites. The prices do vary so if you are interested I suggest doing a price comparison before buying. I tend to use Amazon unless they are a lot more expensive as I often have vouchers on there to use.

For the EDT the 30ml  size sells for between  £27 and £40, The 50ml  ranges from £32 to around £50 and finally the 75ml goes for anything from £40 to around £65 so as you can see the prices vary considerably so it pays to search for a good deal.

The eau de Parfum is  a lot more expensive but the scent lasts better.

Remember once you open a bottle they do begin to deteriorate and they last better in a cooler place and in the dark so don’t through away the boxes and store them in a drawer or cupboard and somewhere cool.


Yes it is a very exotic and pleasantly feminine scent despite Gucci’s claims at being masculine. It lasted a fair time for the price but I would have hoped for a longer lasting scent really. It is packaged well and I like the bottle,  especially the lovely gold, chunky stopper


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trend-Mae
    Mar 15, 2014 @ 15:51:14

    Nice review! Would love to smell this perfume! xx


  2. Gucci Perfume
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 10:41:56

    Men and women prefer to use this series of fragrances because these are natural and free from side-effects. Notes are Chypre woody, bergamot, cypress, jasmine and, amber and Elemi which gives longevity of a fragrance.


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