Lulu ‘Time’ Eau de Toilettte

I am very keen about sending off for my freebies and samples and am forever filling in forms to get them. It is so exciting when I get them in the mail and I do get to try so many things that I otherwise would never have heard of or tried so it does the job for the company too as often I am then tempted to go out and buy the full sized product after trying it.

This came in a very pale cardboard cover hiding a small 2ml phial with a stopper, no spray which makes it tricky to get out. The stopper is small and fiddly and I have not got strong fingers so have to be careful I don’t spill the contents pulling it out. Quite a generous sample though at 2ml.

The real bottle is very simple rounded clear bottle with a hint of pink around the bottom of the bottle and a pink transparent round like a ball plastic lid over the spray top. It isn’t that exciting or interesting, nor is it sophisticatedly simple either. In my view it is rather lacking in imagination but still you don’t really buy perfume for the bottle so let’s move on. Suffice to say you won’t be seeing people on ebay selling this as a novelty empty bottle.

I think most people have heard of Lulu as her singing career has spanned a good for years. Lulu is a Scottish singer, actress, and television personality who has been successful in entertainment from the 1960s through to the present day. My very favourite song of hers was from the film, ‘To Sir with Love’ as I remember watching the film as a youngster. Lulu looks a amazing for her age, I wish I knew her secret as she looks as young now as she did in the 70s. She has had an interesting career and In 1966 she toured Poland with The Hollies, and was the first British female singer to appear live behind the Iron Curtain. She was married for some time to Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees and she did sing in a Eurovision Song Contest and won many moons ago.



“Time eau de toilette is an evocative scent designed by and for Lulu. It’s a fragrance that evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. It’s a little sexy yet a bit shy. Never too sweet, fruity or heavy Time eau de toilette combines smells reminiscent of the 60s”

Lulu was aiming for a scent that captured her ‘Time’ in a bottle and this is what this scent attempts to do.

Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon
Middle Notes: jasmine, pink pepper
Base Notes: Patchouli, musk
On initial application the hit was pretty intense and rather synthetic to be honest and I thought that it wasn’t going to be for me at all. After a few minutes it did calm down a little and the spicy citrus scent of bergamot and lemon was evident rather than the powerful synthetic hit.


Some ten minutes or so later the scent began to take on my skin and the peppery notes blended with the citrus ones to offer a light spicy quite manly sort of aftershave smell which I did quite like.
About an hour later when I sniffed again it was still quite a masculine sort of smell sort of light spicy with the woodier patchouli musky notes working their way in.

I was not able to smell or detect the jasmine in this and jasmine is quite a heady floral smell so the spicier notes do dominate.

Although this is quite a masculine sort of scent it is also quite evocative of the late sixties and the incense burning and sniffing the perfumes in Biba shops. I found it quite a light spicy aroma not heavy and oriental spicy. According to the perfume description on Amazon this creates a “feeling of sun-kissed sexiness and freedom one enjoys on holiday.”

This perfume is said to have scents that remind Lulu of different times in her life from patchouli and musk from the sixties to the lighter more modern notes of pink pepper and bergamot and fresh lemon hence the name of the perfume “TIME”.


Lulu has put her name to a number of other ‘Time’ products but not all are scents. Within this range you can buy a fragrant body cream for £20.93, Lulu’s Time Bomb Glory Days Day Cream for £25.00, Lulu’s Time Bomb Flashback Anti-Ageing Night Cream for £30.00, Lulu’s Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil for £31.00, Lulu’s Bombshell Body Hand To Hand Combat Hand Cream for £14.50 and quite a few more creams and lotions. I have one of the creams in my ‘to be used’ box but as yet I have not used it as I have had so many trial products from beautyontrial and they have all been moisturizers. This perfume sells for £30.18 on Amazon for a 50 ml bottle so not a bad price of you like it.

I do quite like this one as it is a freshly spicy aroma and it blends with my skin nicely to give a lovely woody sort of scent which lasts well on me. It has good sillage too as people have commented on my scent while wearing this. It stayed on my sleeves for even longer as I could smell it quite strongly the next day. I would be tempted to buy a full bottle of this if the price was right and I had a few spare Amazon vouchers.


Lush – Dirty solid perfume

Dirty Solid Perfume

tagline:” Feels like : The only thing that gets you clean at a festival”

I my panic to make sure I had got some of each of the perfumes that are going to be discontinued in Lush shops I rushed out and bought myself a few of the solid versions. This was one I bought just the other day. You will still be able to buy this on line but not in the shops very soon. I love Lush and especially love their wonderfully unusual perfumes so want to make sure I don’t miss out on any!

The solid perfumes weigh 12g so they are not huge but I rather like them to carry in my handbag as there is never a danger of any leakage and you can quickly pop a little on your pulse points without spritzing others in the bargain.

The perfume I am reviewing here is the solid version of DIRTY which I bought just the other day. The solid version costs £5.00 while the small spritzers are £9.50, the large 30ml version is £21 and the 2ml sample sells for £2.00. I think the solid version offers good value as the 2ml wouldn’t give me many uses and the solid ones have always given me plenty of use as you don’t need a lot to get a pretty decent aroma but you do have to be careful if it is very hot weather as it does melt very easily. I would also suggest that keeping it in the fridge may affect the scent so would not advise that.

Mark Constantine – co-founder Lush

Mark on Dirty fragrance:
“Dirty is a scent that boys will like for its fresh, sexy smell and girls will love them to wear (or might like to borrow!). Dirty was inspired by the term ‘Italian shower’ – a common phenomenon in men of all ages, who leap out of bed in the morning, spray under the t-shirt they’ve been wearing all night, and head out of the door. Although the Dirty man has no time to spare, he will always brush his teeth before making love, so this fragrance has a big hit of spearmint that’s clean, fresh and invigorating. A real wake-up call, Dirty is choc-full of uplifting notes, including the fresh herbs thyme and tarragon. Oakmoss and sandalwood are woody, but also very clean and a little sophisticated, too. Basically, it does the business.”

Simon on Dirty fragrance
“I liked the concept of cleaning your teeth making mint into an aphrodisiac. So I started to break down the fragrance, beginning with the Toothy Tabs. I thought that if you really wanted to harmonise yourself, you needed to extract the different parts of the perfume and put them in each product you’re using. By the time you’re finished, you’ve put the fragrance together.”

So there you have both father and son‘s views on this and why they created this rather different scent.

Simon Constantine


Initially I wasn’t that fussed on this one as it did smell rather toothpaste-like but it has grown on me over time. It is one of the more masculine smells although unisex as far as I am concerned but a smell I am happy to wear but could seen men also being happy with it as it is a clean fresh herby sort of smell and not really sweet or feminine.

This is not one of Lush’s smack you in the face smells, it is a milder aroma that stays with youy all day but doesn’t kick you nose as soon as you put it on.
I always put the solid perfumes on my inner elbows, inner wrists and then in my cleavage as then I can smell them all day long. I find that the solid perfumes last really well as whatever the solid carrier is sits on my skin and keeps the scent in.

This smells minty to me initially but then the herby aromas start to blend with the mint so it isn’t as sweet as just plain mint, more herby. When I say mint I mean garden spearmint not polo mints type mints. I could make my own as I have mint, all types, tarragon and thyme so I have three of the main ingredients. I might have a bit of a problem with the sandalwood and oakamoss though.

I do love the fresh hit that you get from this and also the way the other herbs gi together and blend to make the lighter notes in this. The sandalwood again is one of my favourite smells and reminds me of India while the oakamoss adds the warmer mossy woody heart notes. It is a gentle clean manly smell but is still very appealing to both men and women.


The scent notes in this one are Spearmint, thyme, tarragon, oakmoss and sandalwood . Not many but they do combine to create quite an unusual scent suitable for both men and women.

Somehow this scent also reminds me of the seaside but not quite sure why as not of the notes are really things that you find at the seaside but maybe it is the fresh aroma that takes me there.

Once I sniffed this in the shop I was not too sure at first but the threat of its removal from the shop encouraged me to buy it and use it a bit more. It is actually quite hard to smell different perfumes in the Lush shop as there are so many smells going on in there. What I usually do is put the perfume on using the samples there. I then go off and do my shopping. I do one perfume at a time. If I like it still after I have finished my shopping it then does on my ‘Wish List’.

I have to admit I do buy a lot on Ebay as you can often get them cheaper there. I just look for which are on there and bid to a certain amount. I miss out on loads but I decide what I am prepared to pay and stick to it. I also ask for them for gifts from the family too and that is how I have built up my collection.

I have the solid perfume in this so when I put this on it lasted pretty well all day long. The concentration is actually stronger than I thought initially. I wipe the solid stick on my inner elbows and wrists and then behind my ears. If I want to enjoy it more I wipe a bit down my cleavage as the warmth brings the scent up to my nose then. I know it lasts all day as I can still smell it on my wrists now and I put this on this morning.

I have found this one has grown on me in the last few days and I really like it now. It will never be my favourite of Lush’s perfumes but it is certainly very fresh and different. I think this would be more suitable for a day wearing than an evening scent.


Another good thing about the solid perfumes is that the plastic containers that they come in are recyclable through Lush and if you take back five of these or a mix of these and the black pots then you can choose a free fresh face mask or hair mask for your reward.

The solid perfumes usually have a use buy date about a year after they were made.
If you are lucky enough to have a Lush store like the one in Derby with a full range of perfumes I recommend you to give them a try. They are not to everyone’s taste as they are quite strong and a lot of them have quite deep strong and more heavy notes but I love them and spend ages listening to the stories as to the inspiration behind their creation.

To me perfumes are a sort of experience that is more than just the smell. They are a bit like fine wines and single malt whiskeys in that there is poetry and art in their creation. These to me are all part of the perfume, the inspiration, the poetry and the images that are created by you in your head as you first sniff the perfume as well as the effect you have on the scent, the way it changes on you and your own skin. It is all part of the magic to me.

Prada Candy – EDP


I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this perfume and always happy to get a freebie and have the chance to really try products I accepted with glee.

This is not a flashy unusual bottle like some posh perfumes. This is sleek and simple but still quite classy looking. The bottle is clear so the contents can be seen. That is good in that you get to see what is left but it does mean that you should keep it in its box or in the dark as light makes the perfume deteriorate. The bottle the n has a pink typical Prada coloured trim and a black lid. The lid comes off and under that you have a spray nozzle.


This fragrance was released in August 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier and she was also the nose behind one of my favourites which is Gucci eau de parfam..


Top Notes : Musks- which is unusual to have as a top note and this is a deeper scent with a rather powdery note in this

Middle notes: Benzoin- This is a lovely creamy vanillary aroma and it does come through in the perfume.

Base notes: Caramel- this perfume seems back to front to me as you usually get this as a top note but this is the toffee aroma which mixes with the benzoin to give the caramel toffee sweetness.



This would never be a perfume I would have chosen just from the name alone. I am not drawn to sugary sweet. I prefer musky heavier earthy perfumes myself.

This is a vanillary creamy concoction and pleasant enough but I still would not buy it as it just isn’t me really.

It doesn’t really do anything , it goes on sweet and vanillary and stay as that throughout. I didn’t find it had much sillage as when I put some on my daughter I couldn’t smell it on her even though that day I had not worn it myself.

As for the lasting quality I would say it was average. I could still smell it on me about three hours later and in fact faintly even another few hours though if I wanted to go out and smell of this I would have refreshed it. It stayed on my clothes as the next day I could still smell it on them.

I think this reminds me of the sweet musk perfumes like Body shop and is a rather late sixties/early seventies sort of scent or at least one that I used to wear then. I remember going into Biba and dosing myself with musk!

This is a perfume that I feel would appeal to those who like sweet perfumes and probably the younger market rather than a sophisticated perfume. I do quite like vanilla but I prefer it when mixed with deeper musky aroma where this goes to the candy sweet ones which is not surprising given its name.

This is in no way a unisex perfume, it is pretty in pink, girly, frilly and sweet in my view. It certainly isn’t subtle as it whacks a big sweet hit with a slightly floral note to me. I don’t know where the floral comes from but it does remind me of honeysuckle .

The perfume fragrance is comes in three sizes and you can buy it in most High street shops that sell perfumes such as Boots, Debenhams and specialist perfume shops.
You can buy the 30ml size for around £40, the 50ml size for around £53 and the 80ml one for about £71.
I cannot see me buying this perfume as it just is not my taste. I am not girly and sweet craving enough. I am happy to have had the sample to play around with but it has told me that this one is not for me. I will finish my sample vial and will use it during the day when on holiday. I always take my left over samples away as I can have different scents each couple of days and then bring nothing home.

Lush – Fire Tree


One of my favourite Lush perfumes is Scent of Freedom as the stories that go to create the three elements are so heartwarming. You can also buy the three individual elements of this perfume in Lush and this Fire Tree is one of those elements. This is perfume oil so the scent lasts really well and is pretty strong as well as being created from natural oils.

I have already written a review of Scent of freedom but this is one part of the three elements. The other two are ‘Old Delhi Station’ inspired by a story of a Tibetan monk and ‘Oudh heart’ inspired by someone who was in Guantanamo Bay. Every element is a lovely perfume on its own and they also combine to make a fabulous Scent of Freedom perfume.

Fire Tree comes in a small brown glass bottle with a screw top lid rather like you buy essential oils in so it seals properly and there is no danger of spilling and leaking. Inside there is a plastic inner top with a smaller hole so that you can get a little at a time coming out.

Fire tree

Fire Tree was inspired by an Aboriginal artist and one of his paintings that showed an aboriginal man wrongly accused of a crime which caught the attention of Simon Constantine when he visited in Australia. The painting reflected the struggle of the aboriginal people to claim back their lands which were taken when the British arrived as colonists.

The perfume is created from ingredients native to Australia, including fire tree oil, Australian sandalwood and lemon myrtle. It also has bergamot and orange flower. The perfume is meant to take you to images of the Australian landscape. Lush describe the scent as “invigorating, herbal and woody and also floral”.

I find it a really evocative scent and it does remind me of the Australian bush and the wonderfully scented native trees. It is quite citrusy with a strong powerful hit that then mellows and becomes creamier once it settles on my skin.

As you might have guessed I do love this perfume, I like it in the Scent of Freedom as a whole and also wear it alone as it is one that will take me anywhere. It is uplifting and long lasting. Because it is oil the aroma really lasts well on me and even four or five hours later I can still smell it on my inner wrists.

I also find that as this is an oil I can add it to a carrier oil and use it as a massage oil and if I am feeling very extravagant I add it to my home made bath truffles too. The ladies in Lush have said that they have dropped a few drops in water and put this in an oil burner to scent a room too.

This is a Lush product and so it has to be purchased from Lush and sadly some of their perfumes are only available on line now. I am not sure about this one being in the shops so it is worth a look. I bought mine from Ebay and so got a bargain. Usually this Fire Tree costs £20 for 15ml, which sounds rather a lot but it is oil concentrate so you don’t need to use a lot to get a good scent on your skin.


Yes do give this a try as it is a fresh yet heady sort of scent that is unusual and the perfume has a lovely story behind its creation too. I love all the elements of Scent of Freedom this included and I love the three together as well. This is a scent that is a unique creation that also brings Aboriginal ingredients to us and also brings to people’s attention the plight of the Aboriginal people in Australia which is such a sad and cruel history. So this is lovely perfume oil as well as being an education too.

Lush Ladyboy – solida perfume


Lush perfumes – Ladyboy
“Ladyboy is unisex and completely adorable”

We are very lucky in Derby because our lovely Lush shop in the Westfield centre has the entire range of Lush perfumes as well as the essential oil elements of some. Lush sells a fairly large range of perfumes now and every scent comes in three or four different forms. There is usually a solid perfume which tends to be the form which has the shortest staying power, the next is a small spray which is less concentrated than the 30ml black bottle which has the strongest concentration. Many of the scents also have a small 2ml sample bottle too which is usually in the same concentration as the mini spray or spritzers which I believe has 8ml in it. The solid perfumes weigh 12g so they are not huge but I rather like them to carry in my handbag as there is never a danger of any leakage and you can quickly pop a little on your pulse points without spritzing others in the bargain.

The perfume I am reviewing here is the small 2ml sample which was a gift from one of the staff in Lush one day. The solid perfume is £7.50, the small spritzers are £15.00, the large 30ml version is £31 and the 2ml sample sells for £3. I think this is one of the more expensive of Lush’s perfumes. The solid version usually offers good value and is often the one I buy myself as you don’t need a lot to get a pretty decent aroma but you do have to be careful if it is very hot weather as it does melt very easily. This is actually not particularly strong in the solid form but as it is rather an odd little number I am not sure I will be tempted to buy it again. But I am growing to like it more the more I wear it so who knows?

Other options for Ladyboy perfume

This scent was originally one of the B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful perfumes which was Lush’s sister company but now they are all one and this is now a Lush perfume.
I bought this just because I feel that I must have EVERY one of Lush’s perfumes and am trying to get all these before some are removed from the shops at the end of this year ready for new fragrances coming in.
The scent in this one is quite an earthy sweet scent and you can certainly smell the banana but it is balanced by the oakmoss and chamomile so that it isn’t sickly in any way. The violet also adds that sexiness to the mix and that really gives it an edge that I do like. I keep changing my mind about this one. Some days I love it while other days I am not so keen.


This is Mark’s take on Ladyboy :

“The banana isn’t some kind of a joke. The finished scent on the skin is sophisticated and contemporary in my opinion. Ladyboy is an intriguing blend where the combination of seaweed and violets creates a blend that – instead of shocking or disturbing – just smells as if it it’s about to become the fragrance that everyone’s wearing.”

On the website Lush say:
” It is for those who are truly daring. This fragrance was designed for bare skin.
Its quirky and sexy amber scent was originally sketched out in honour of Brazilian beaches and their uninhibited inhabitants. Anyone with an eye for contemporary style and cheeky fun should grab it.”

The tagline for this one is: “Feels like : a surreal beach party”

Taken from my A-Z Guide by Tania Sanchez and Luca Turin:
“B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful fragrances have often turned out so weird, rich and novel that one ends up approaching them as one would a difficult crossword, expecting whatever pleasure they provide to come only after a sustained effort of understanding. This one is no exception, with a strange faceless start that feels like a fragrance seen from the back, and a heart note that eventually settles into an autumnal hum: a muted, sullen, basso profondo of linseed putty (labdanum), wood smoke (oakmoss and fucus) and sweet amber (another facet of labdanum). Be warned: this is a fragrance that only works on skin, so ignore the smelling strip.”

This is Lush and all their perfumes come in the same packaging. The large atomiser is simple and plain black glass. I find that is good in that it keeps the perfume fresh as it is in the dark but annoying in that you can’t see what is left.
I like the simple packaging as I fell the effort has gone into the scent not the bottle but I have to admit I do like pretty bottles and these don’t look so great on my dressing table. The other problem is that all the bottles are the same so you have to keep the little cardboard tag on the bottles to tell which is which.
The spritzer comes in a small black spray, again difficult to see how much is left and is not recyclable through Lush. The sample is a tiny glass bottle which is clear and has the name on the outside on a black label and can of course be recycled with other glass.
Finally the solid perfume which I have comes in a black tube, a bit like a fat lipstick and this is recyclable through Lush. If you take five of these or a mix of these and the black pots then you can choose a free fresh face mask or fresh hair mask from them as a reward. What a fabulous incentive and one I make good use of so thank you Lush.


This was apparently the perfume chosen by the Swedish/Norwegian singer Karin Park when she first visited Lush stores. She is also the inspiration for ‘Superworld Unknown’

I am really growing to love the combinations. This is a creamy earthy and VERY sexy smell. If you like ‘Daddy Oh’ shampoo the violet smell of that comes through in this. It is a kind of earthy sweet parma violet scent. It is a perfume designed to have you as the last ingredient so don’t bother trying this on a spray of card as it doesn’t work at all. I find I have to let my solid one develop on me at least half an hour to get the full benefit of the scent combinations working together. It is like a creamy violet pudding kind of scent but as I say the earthiness holds it down and keeps it grounded so that it is more than just banana and violets.


The initial smell is sweet and banana but very quickly the creaminess comes through and the earthy notes but the one that lingers for me is the deep violet which is heady and sensual. The earthiness is like autumn leaves and smoky bonfires in a garden of violets and bananas. Surreal is how Lush describe it and that image is just that surreal.

It really is like nothing else I have ever smelled and strangely compelling as I do keep coming back to it. Initially I thought it was not that exciting but it has really grown on me and I now really do like it.

Parma Violets

I am not sure that I would wear it to a posh sophisticated do but the powdery violet scent is oddly becoming quite addictive. I think it is one of those acquired taste sort of smells so I would suggest that you try before you buy or try the sample size as it is only £3 so not a huge amount to waste if you hate it.
I find that this is a most unusual smell: really interesting and with constant changes as it warms and develops on me. It is earthily creamy sweet yet has that sexy violet note that bangs on through. You also get the seaside freshness from the seaweed and the dry down of these warmer scents coming in to back it up the rather unusual banana makes this a more interesting scent than you would imagine reading the notes ..

As I write my review I am wearing this. I always wear the perfume I am reviewing as then I can keep sniffing it and remind myself of what smells I can detect. I love writing perfume reviews because of this I sit and sniff then write a bit more.


This isn’t a specially feminine fragrance, and is marketed as unisex but again it would not be one I would buy for my men in the family as I really think it is one that appeals or doesn’t. In fact I am not sure I would buy it for anyone as I do feel like many Lush perfumes, that is is one you should try on your own skin before making a decision.
I would suggest that this could be worn anytime and anywhere providing you like it. It isn’t girly and sweet so would suit a range of ages and even possibly men too as it suggests.

I am growing to like this more the more I wear it. I love having different perfumes to wear as my mood changes and I find this is quite a sensual one.
Mark and Simon Constantine don’t think along traditional lines and so the scents they create and very unusual. They keep on inventing and I keep on trying them. This is a keeper as it is different and fun but will possibly soon only be available on line so if you fancy trying then go and try it soon.
Another good one Lush.