Agent Provocateur Maitresse EDP – one for the mistress

o.760I was lucky enough to get a small three set sample set of Agent Provocateur perfumes in the post. There were three different scents in the set and this Maitresse was one of them. Each sample help 1.5 fl oz so it was quite a generous sample size and I had plenty of experience of the perfume as I find these 1.5 ml sample sizes give me several sprays so depending on how often I apply the sent I can get two or three days usage from each spray sample vial.
&*&*&*&~~~ ABOUT AGENT PROVOCATEUR ~~~&*&*&*&
This brand is best known for its sexy lingerie and ladies nightwear, Bridal accessories and swimwear really but they added in perfumes to add that extra sensual aroma to those wearing their clothing items.

The lingerie company was founded in England in 1994 by Joseph Corré the son of Vivienne Westwood and his then wife and Serena Rees.

&*&*&*&~~~ CREATING MAITRESSE ~~~&*&*&*&

This is possibly the most recent of the Agent Provocateur perfumes and was launched in 2006. The ‘nose’ creating this perfume is Christian Provenzano.
At the time of this perfume launch Kate moss was the model used in their promotions but she was replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal and then Daisy Lowe. Kylie Minogue was before Kate Moss.

&*&*&*&~~~ PACKAGING ~~~&*&*&*&
This perfume comes in a similar shaped tear drop, egg or grenade shaped bottle as their previous perfumes. This one is gold with red text in curly cursive scrip with the name of the perfume and a sexy looking lady sitting in silhouette with just two red garters and long gloves showing and she has curly red hair.

The nozzle has a red ribbon around its neck and the nozzle is also gold with a gold lid so basically the entire bottle is gold with red accents. It is sensual and very sexy looking.
The box is also pretty classy and luxurious with a red cursive signature brand and perfume name centrally and nothing else.

&*&*&*&~~~ BUYING THIS PERFUME ~~~&*&*&*&
This comes in a 25 ml purse spray ,30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sizes of the EDP. There is also a body wash and body scrub each 200 ml.

Prices seem to vary hugely so as I always say, shop around and don’t forget to use any cash back or loyalty cards if you have them.
Perfumeclick, have 25 ml for £14.95, the 30 ml for £15.15 and the 50 ml for £25.25. have 25 ml purse spray for £16.80, the 25 ml spray for £33, the 30 ml for £35.90 and the 50 ml for £22.16, the 100ml spray for £69. They also have the body wash for £22 and the body scrub for £28. Those prices seem rather odd to me as the bigger EDP is cheaper than the smaller one! has the 30 ml for £36IMG_0178[1]

&*&*&*&~~~ NOTES IN THIS PERFUME ~~~&*&*&*&
Top notes: white lotus
Middle notes: ylang-ylang, rose absolute, jasmine, osmanthus, violet, orris
Base notes: Iso E Super, white suede, musk, amber

&*&*&*&~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~&*&*&*&

I really like this perfume. From the initial fresh, floral, exotic first hit of the white lotus through the wonderful heady florals in the mid notes right to the musky amber base note this is a really sensual, floral scent that doesn’t have that sweet cloying addition that so many have.
Maitresse means mistress so this is certainly a perfume that means to send out provocative and sensual signals from it name through to the aroma of the perfume.

I love the fact that the initial aroma is so fresh and exotic with a hint of more to come. The middle notes are ones I love with the floral richness of jasmine, violet and rose all flowers that are considered romantic and sexy, these notes develop and come through after around twenty minutes and last for a good couple of hours on me.
The base notes of musk and amber do come through subtly but the synthetic Iso is more evident and to me gives a soapy sort of scent but rather less than natural. However the musk and amber do become more evident and the dry down lasts for a couple more hours on my skin and much longer on my clothes.

I often spray scarves and jumpers with perfumes so that I can smell the scent on the the next day. I find that if I spray my clothes in my suitcase thy smell better when I wear them on holiday too.
The sillage is quite good and the lasting power also quit good, around four to six hours on me .

I am also pleasantly surprised at the price I have found it for on line as well and feel that if I bought it at the cheaper prices I would be very happy to buy this one again. If I didn’t have a drawer full of perfumes I might well treat myself to this one in a full size but as it is I cannot really justify buying any more perfumes at all at present!!

&*&*&*&~~~ RECOMMENDED ? ~~~&*&*&*&

Yes I like this one. It is sensual, subtle and not heavily cloying and sickly. I like the freshness, the beautiful floral notes and really very sexy combination of notes in this one.
The bottle is gorgeous. It is rounded and pure gold with sensual red additions including the sexy lady with her red garters, hair and gloves! From its name through to the dry down notes this is a very feminine sensual creation.


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