Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men .. VIP not “very impressive perfume”


~~~&&&~~~ ABOUT CAROLINA HERRERA ~~~&&&~~~
Like so many brands creating scents these days this started as fashion brand originally and in fact is still really a fashion brand.

Carolina Herrera was born in Venezuela and is the founder of the fashion house. Prior to starting her fashion house she mixed with the rich and famous such as with Mick and Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol, at Studio 54. She was considered a very classy and fashionable dresser and was named on the International Best Dressed List in 1972,and elected to its Hall of Fame in 1980
Her friend, the editor in chief of Vogue suggested she start her own fashion hose and so Carolina Herrera was born. She seems very well connected as she designed Jackie Kennedy’s daughter’s wedding dress and has dressed a number of the First Ladies including Jackie Kennedy, Laura Bush ,Michelle Obama and even Melania Trump.

She also designed the dress Bella wears for her wedding to Edward in Twilight: Breaking Dawn 1 in 2011.
“Herrera has the best taste in fashion. Today anything goes, but Carolina Herrera knows how to make a woman into a lady”

~~~&&&~~~ ABOUT 212 VIP MEN EDT ~~~&&&~~~
This fragrance was first created by the Carolina Herrera in 1999 but there were others prior to this fragrance. The first was one for ladies then in 1991 the first men’s fragrance, Carolina Herrera for Men was released.

The fragrance was created by Emilie Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac and the advertising face of the campaign is Jon Kortajarena who was also the face for L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and acting in “A Single Man” and “Thirty-Six Hours”.
This fragrance 212 VIP Men was apparently “inspired by the most creative people in New York. Young people who are writing the history of this city, the true VIP. People with talent, style, sense of humor and especially eager to have fun.”

~Carolina_Herrera_212_VIP_Men_Resized~~&&&~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~&&&~~~
This comes in a masculine, minimalist coloured box. It is basically black and white with the text in white in a very functional looking design. It doesn’t really appeal much to me but I am not the young yuppy VIP male audience they are aiming this at.

The bottle inside is better in that it is like a silver rounded capsule shaped bottle. The top half lifts off with a magnetic closure to reveal the spray underneath. I like the colour and simple lines of the bottle much better than the box which looks like a box that might hold machine parts with its odd name,” 212 VIP”.

~~~&&&~~~ TAKING NOTES ~~~&&&~~~

Top notes : caviar, lime,black pepper, ginger and passionfruit
Middle notes : chilled vodka, gin, frozen mint and spices
Base notes: amber, leather, woodsy notes

~~~&&&~~~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~~~&&&~~~

I realise this is a fragrance for men but I do quite like some of the more manly fragrances as I like woody fragrances as well as fresh citrus ones and both those tend more towards unisex or male scents. Besides I never say no to a sample if it is free.

The fragrance is described by Carolina Herrera as: “ an irresistible elixir of seduction… reserved only for those who dare! A signature scent that you will recognize on the dance floor and won’t forget once you leave the party. Gustative, woody and spicy, inspired by the scent and attitude of the most exclusive parties.”

Personally I think they over sell this one. To me it is very much more unisex than male. It is subtle and starts quite fresh but with a definite sweet lime aroma rather than a sour, citrus hit . It isn’t really spicy at all which I rather expect from a man’s fragrance.
To me it smells citrus and fruity, slightly sweet but not overly so, just more than I would have expected from a male fragrance and the lack of spicy base finish makes it just fade away with a subtle warm creamy aroma.IMG_0213[1]

I notice it does have vodka and gin in it and it does have a hint of an alcoholic drink in the initial blast but thankfully not so much that it smells like you have had a drink spilled on you!!
The sillage is poor and it didn’t last well on me, by three hours it had all but disappeared on my skin. It does last a bit better on fabric such as a scarf or handkerchief but it is not a strong lasting fragrance.

~~~&&&~~~ WHERE TO BUY AND COSTS ~~~~&&&~~~
This fragrance can be bought in 50ml and 100 ml EDT , a 75 ml deodorant and 100 ml after shave lotion.

Boots have just the 100ml EDT for £61 have 50ml for £35.95, 100ml for £44.95 ,200ml EDT for £64.95, the 100ml aftershave for £24.20 and a gift set 50 ml EDT and shower gel for £33.20 have 100ml EDT for £43,60, 200 ml EDT for £63/36, the deodorant 150ml for £15.49, the 100ml aftershave for £23.84 plus other items at various prices.
So shop around and don’t forget to use cashback sites and rewards cards if you have them.

~~~&&&~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~&&&~~~
It is an okay fragrance, unmemorable and ordinary. It is pleasant enough but not one I would spend that much money on for myself. I will finish the sample when we go on holiday soon but it is one that I will quickly forget.

No in my view there are better fragrances you can buy for the money that will last longer. In fact I have perfumes that cost far less that are lovely and last really well on me so it is not good vale for money.


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