Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Eau de Parfum


This little sample was given to me by the lovely lady in Debenhams when I last visited. I do like Marc Jacobs perfumes so was very happy with this one. With a name like ‘Decadence’ I was expecting great things from this one.

I spotted the beautiful packaging on my daughter’s dressing table when I was staying with her and thought how original it was.

~*~*~*~*~*~ ABOUT MARC JACOBS ~*~*~*~*~*~

Marc Jacobs was born and brought up in New York and is a fashion designer. He has worked as a designer for Luis Vuitton but now has his own fashion label and fashion house. By 2013, there were 285 Marc Jacobs retail stores in 60 countries.

Marc Jacobs has his own range of fashion, watches, bags,beauty products and of course perfumes.

~*~*~*~*~*~ ABOUT DECADENCE ~*~*~*~*~*~

Unlike other Marc Jacobs perfumes this is a far more mature sort of bottle and fragrance. Decadence is sexy, sensual and sophisticated. The fragrance as created by by Annie Buzantian who has created a few perfumes for Estee lauder and almost all Marc Jacobs fragrances and also Ann Gottlieb who has created many fragrances for Calvin Klein, Impulse, Coty and of course Marc Jacobs.

The face of the campaign shot by Steven Meisel is Adriana Lima who is a Brazilian model and actress, who worked as a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 1999, as a spokes model for Maybelline cosmetics since 2003 and also for being in the Super Bowl and Kia Motors commercials.


~*~*~*~*~*~ THE PACKAGING ~*~*~*~*~*~

I have to admit I love Marc Jacobs packaging and creative bottles, they are cute, quirky and very original.

This perfume comes in a beautiful, very classy bottle design and looks like an emerald green handbag with python pattern, gold chain and black tassel. You lift the handbag open and the spray is underneath.

Not only I this very unusual but it is also dark coloured so keeps the contents away from light which can alter the scent after some time. It does mean you don’t know when you are coming to the end of the bottle though.

It looks like it is a green padded bag with a black patent flap that open the bag and gold chain to carry the bag with! It looks like a mini evening bag.

This is available in The fragrance is available as 30ml, 50ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

The outer box is a shimmery, almost velvet looking green colour with just the brand and perfume name on the front. This is luxurious looking but in a more minimalist way


~*~*~*~*~*~ THE NOTES ~*~*~*~*~*~

Top notes: plum, iris, saffron
Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and orris
Base notes : amber, vetiver and papyrus

~*~*~*~*~*~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~*~*~*~*~*~

I love this perfume, it has the usual Mac Jacobs sweetness but with a deeper more sensual aroma. It tarts off fruity and sweet but not at all cloying and no fresh notes so the saffron must be adding that hint of savoury so it doesn’t smell too sweet.

After around an hour or so the more exotic floral notes develop which are lovely and so feminine and this lasts for good length of time.

Later the base notes begin to develop and these are the aromas I can smell the next day on my clothes and these are deeper and warmer. I love the smell of vetiver, it is one of my go- to essential oils and amber is also one I love but cannot say I recognise papyrus, it guess it is kind of papery or grass like.

I found the sillage to be good and had a few compliments when wearing this. It lasts really well on my skin, several hours later I can still smell it on my skin and the next day on any clothes I sprayed it on smelled great .

It of kind of remind me of La Nuit Tresor in its feminine sweet yet sensual aroma. It is very feminine and not in any way unisex as it is sweet, fruity and yet not sugary and teenagery at all.

This is one I would love to buy a full bottle of but as I have a drawer full of unopened perfumes and also several opened ones that I really need to use before justifying purchasing any new perfumes.

~*~*~*~*~*~ BUYING THIS ~*~*~*~*~*~

As always prices do vary so shop around and don’t forget cashback sites and using your loyalty cards if you have them.

Boots have 30 ml for £49 ,50 ml for £69 and 100 ml for £98 and they also have a shower gel of 150 ml for £34.

Debenhams have 30ml ,50 ml,100 ml for the same prices as Boots.

Allbeauty on line has the shower gel for £22.95. 30 ml for £37.95, the 50 ml for £49.95 and the 100 ml for £69.95 so much cheaper than Boots and Debenhams.

~*~*~*~*~*~ RECOMMENDED? ~*~*~*~*~*~

Yes I do like this one and would buy it and hope it might go down in price in future. It is a lovely feminine fragrance that had great sillage and lasts really well on me. It isn’t cheap but none of Marc Jacobs fragrances are cheap sadly !


Miu Miu EDP – more like EDT


Last week while in Derby I managed to blag a few samples from the lady at the perfume counter in Debenhams and this was one of the half dozen she handed to me. I admit hadn’t heard of this one before so was quite intrigued and keen to get home and try it.

I love these small spray samples as I keep them in my bag when travelling to freshen up and ty add no weight at all. I have also found that they can slip through airport security too which means I can have them in my handbag for the plane and not have to get my carry on bag down from the storage above to find my plastic ziplock bag of liquids down.

~~~&&&~~~ ABOUT MIU MIU ~~~&&&~~~
This seems to me to be a fashion brand selling bags and accessories and this is their first venture in fragrance. Miu Miu seems to also be tied to Coty and is a subsidiary of Prada and the head designer is Muiccia Prada the granddaughter of Mario Prada, the founder of Prada.


~~~&&&~~~ CREATING THIS PERFUME ~~~&&&~~~
This perfume was released in August 2015 and was created by perfumer Danielle Roche Andrier, who has also created perfumes for Prada, Bvlgari, Marni and Bottega Veneta.

Miu Miu was designed t be a fragrance which is “ unique, youthful, bright colors and sophisticated.”
This perfume has a special ingredient called akigalawood, which was created by Givaudan and is similar to patchouli but with notes of pepper and the woodiness of oud which sounds like my perfect scent to me.

It also starts with the floral notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and rose and then develops into the akigalawood notes.
The face of the perfume in their advertising campaign is actress Stacy Martin.


~~~&&&~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~&&&~~~
This perfume comes in a box which is a a rectangular representation of the inner flacon. It is a turquoise blue colour glass bottle supposedly inspired by the particular design of the high end luxury Miu Miu’s matelassé leather bags. The turquoise flacon uses that same design pattern as the bags and this comes up to the neck of the bottle which is is white, with the brand logo,the rather oddly in my view there is a bright red plastic round stopper which I think looks out of place and a bit cheap and nasty. Personally I am not a fan of their bags either which is fortunate considering the price!

The only positive is that the bottle is opaque which does protect the perfume from light damage, although I keep my perfumes in their boxes in a drawer not on my dressing table as this keeps them cooler and out of the light and both heat and light damage perfumes and alter their scent as well as sometimes evaporating the contents.

~~~&&&~~~&&& BUYING THIS PERFUME ~~~&&&~~~

This perfume comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum and then a 200ml body lotion , a 200ml shower gel and finally 150 ml body cream.
John Lewis have the 30 ml for £44.10, the 50 ml for £61.20 and the 100ml for £86.40
Boots have the 30 ml for £49, the 50 ml for £68 and the 100ml for £96 has a 10 ml roller ball version for £17.63, 50 ml for £43.50 and the 100 ml for £64.07.

As always look around and compare prices and don’t forget postage can make a difference and of course check if you can get any cashback through whichever site you are a member of.
~~~&&&~~~ TAKING NOTE ~~~&&&~~~

Top notes : lily of the valley, lime and lemon
Middle notes: jasmine, rose, green notes, blackcurrant and peach
Base notes : akigalawood, musk

~~~&&&~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~&&&~~~

I have to admit that the packaging does nothing for me at all , it looks like a play perfume that chidren would like with colours that are not ones I associate with classy.
Having got over the packaging my first spray hit was very fruity floral and quite sweet and fresh, pleasant but not really a classic one. My first impression was a light summery fragrance which I would be happy to wear but would not go out o my way to buy it for myself . It is a young scent more than one for mature ladies. This is no way one that is unisex.

After an hour or so it had faded really fast and I could barely detect it on my skin at all . It has less lasting power than an EDT, in fact I have had body sprays which last longer.
Th sillage is also very weak which makes it a good one to freshen up on a train or plane as it certainly won’t offend anyone nearby. I did wonder if I was my nose getting a bit used to the scent but my husband said he couldn’t smell it on me sitting in the same room and in fact struggled to smell it on my wrist. He said it just smells clean like I usually smell!!

So it is a fresh floral opening a bit like a walk into the garden in the morning to sniff the lily of the valley and lemon trees . This very quickly settles and jasmine hints with a slight rose aroma. After this very subtle aroma from the basenote Akigalwood with its pepper and patchouli is detectable while I can’t smell musk at all. The dry down is very nice but far too subtle for me, I like to be able to smell my perfume a bit longer than an hour. Even sticking my wrist under my nose I can barely smell this just an hour later.
I feel this is one that might appeal to a younger lady than me. I do like the scent and the notes really appeal but some how the designers have managed to drain a lot of the scent from this so it is far too subtle, more like a body spray in its lasting quality and silage.


~~~&&&~~~ RECOMMENDED ~~~&&&~~~
While I am no fan of the packaging I can see it might appeal to others. I can see this appealing to younger ladies. It is not unisex scent at all, it is light, fresh and very feminine but not too sweet which is good as so many of these fruity florals are a bit sickly sweet for me. This doesn’t have that problem but it is very light and I feel it hasn’t got the lasting qualities I would hope to get from a perfume and for the price you have to pay for this.

Agent Provocateur Maitresse EDP – one for the mistress

o.760I was lucky enough to get a small three set sample set of Agent Provocateur perfumes in the post. There were three different scents in the set and this Maitresse was one of them. Each sample help 1.5 fl oz so it was quite a generous sample size and I had plenty of experience of the perfume as I find these 1.5 ml sample sizes give me several sprays so depending on how often I apply the sent I can get two or three days usage from each spray sample vial.
&*&*&*&~~~ ABOUT AGENT PROVOCATEUR ~~~&*&*&*&
This brand is best known for its sexy lingerie and ladies nightwear, Bridal accessories and swimwear really but they added in perfumes to add that extra sensual aroma to those wearing their clothing items.

The lingerie company was founded in England in 1994 by Joseph Corré the son of Vivienne Westwood and his then wife and Serena Rees.

&*&*&*&~~~ CREATING MAITRESSE ~~~&*&*&*&

This is possibly the most recent of the Agent Provocateur perfumes and was launched in 2006. The ‘nose’ creating this perfume is Christian Provenzano.
At the time of this perfume launch Kate moss was the model used in their promotions but she was replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal and then Daisy Lowe. Kylie Minogue was before Kate Moss.

&*&*&*&~~~ PACKAGING ~~~&*&*&*&
This perfume comes in a similar shaped tear drop, egg or grenade shaped bottle as their previous perfumes. This one is gold with red text in curly cursive scrip with the name of the perfume and a sexy looking lady sitting in silhouette with just two red garters and long gloves showing and she has curly red hair.

The nozzle has a red ribbon around its neck and the nozzle is also gold with a gold lid so basically the entire bottle is gold with red accents. It is sensual and very sexy looking.
The box is also pretty classy and luxurious with a red cursive signature brand and perfume name centrally and nothing else.

&*&*&*&~~~ BUYING THIS PERFUME ~~~&*&*&*&
This comes in a 25 ml purse spray ,30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sizes of the EDP. There is also a body wash and body scrub each 200 ml.

Prices seem to vary hugely so as I always say, shop around and don’t forget to use any cash back or loyalty cards if you have them.
Perfumeclick, have 25 ml for £14.95, the 30 ml for £15.15 and the 50 ml for £25.25. have 25 ml purse spray for £16.80, the 25 ml spray for £33, the 30 ml for £35.90 and the 50 ml for £22.16, the 100ml spray for £69. They also have the body wash for £22 and the body scrub for £28. Those prices seem rather odd to me as the bigger EDP is cheaper than the smaller one! has the 30 ml for £36IMG_0178[1]

&*&*&*&~~~ NOTES IN THIS PERFUME ~~~&*&*&*&
Top notes: white lotus
Middle notes: ylang-ylang, rose absolute, jasmine, osmanthus, violet, orris
Base notes: Iso E Super, white suede, musk, amber

&*&*&*&~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~&*&*&*&

I really like this perfume. From the initial fresh, floral, exotic first hit of the white lotus through the wonderful heady florals in the mid notes right to the musky amber base note this is a really sensual, floral scent that doesn’t have that sweet cloying addition that so many have.
Maitresse means mistress so this is certainly a perfume that means to send out provocative and sensual signals from it name through to the aroma of the perfume.

I love the fact that the initial aroma is so fresh and exotic with a hint of more to come. The middle notes are ones I love with the floral richness of jasmine, violet and rose all flowers that are considered romantic and sexy, these notes develop and come through after around twenty minutes and last for a good couple of hours on me.
The base notes of musk and amber do come through subtly but the synthetic Iso is more evident and to me gives a soapy sort of scent but rather less than natural. However the musk and amber do become more evident and the dry down lasts for a couple more hours on my skin and much longer on my clothes.

I often spray scarves and jumpers with perfumes so that I can smell the scent on the the next day. I find that if I spray my clothes in my suitcase thy smell better when I wear them on holiday too.
The sillage is quite good and the lasting power also quit good, around four to six hours on me .

I am also pleasantly surprised at the price I have found it for on line as well and feel that if I bought it at the cheaper prices I would be very happy to buy this one again. If I didn’t have a drawer full of perfumes I might well treat myself to this one in a full size but as it is I cannot really justify buying any more perfumes at all at present!!

&*&*&*&~~~ RECOMMENDED ? ~~~&*&*&*&

Yes I like this one. It is sensual, subtle and not heavily cloying and sickly. I like the freshness, the beautiful floral notes and really very sexy combination of notes in this one.
The bottle is gorgeous. It is rounded and pure gold with sensual red additions including the sexy lady with her red garters, hair and gloves! From its name through to the dry down notes this is a very feminine sensual creation.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men .. VIP not “very impressive perfume”


~~~&&&~~~ ABOUT CAROLINA HERRERA ~~~&&&~~~
Like so many brands creating scents these days this started as fashion brand originally and in fact is still really a fashion brand.

Carolina Herrera was born in Venezuela and is the founder of the fashion house. Prior to starting her fashion house she mixed with the rich and famous such as with Mick and Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol, at Studio 54. She was considered a very classy and fashionable dresser and was named on the International Best Dressed List in 1972,and elected to its Hall of Fame in 1980
Her friend, the editor in chief of Vogue suggested she start her own fashion hose and so Carolina Herrera was born. She seems very well connected as she designed Jackie Kennedy’s daughter’s wedding dress and has dressed a number of the First Ladies including Jackie Kennedy, Laura Bush ,Michelle Obama and even Melania Trump.

She also designed the dress Bella wears for her wedding to Edward in Twilight: Breaking Dawn 1 in 2011.
“Herrera has the best taste in fashion. Today anything goes, but Carolina Herrera knows how to make a woman into a lady”

~~~&&&~~~ ABOUT 212 VIP MEN EDT ~~~&&&~~~
This fragrance was first created by the Carolina Herrera in 1999 but there were others prior to this fragrance. The first was one for ladies then in 1991 the first men’s fragrance, Carolina Herrera for Men was released.

The fragrance was created by Emilie Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac and the advertising face of the campaign is Jon Kortajarena who was also the face for L’Agent by Agent Provocateur and acting in “A Single Man” and “Thirty-Six Hours”.
This fragrance 212 VIP Men was apparently “inspired by the most creative people in New York. Young people who are writing the history of this city, the true VIP. People with talent, style, sense of humor and especially eager to have fun.”

~Carolina_Herrera_212_VIP_Men_Resized~~&&&~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~&&&~~~
This comes in a masculine, minimalist coloured box. It is basically black and white with the text in white in a very functional looking design. It doesn’t really appeal much to me but I am not the young yuppy VIP male audience they are aiming this at.

The bottle inside is better in that it is like a silver rounded capsule shaped bottle. The top half lifts off with a magnetic closure to reveal the spray underneath. I like the colour and simple lines of the bottle much better than the box which looks like a box that might hold machine parts with its odd name,” 212 VIP”.

~~~&&&~~~ TAKING NOTES ~~~&&&~~~

Top notes : caviar, lime,black pepper, ginger and passionfruit
Middle notes : chilled vodka, gin, frozen mint and spices
Base notes: amber, leather, woodsy notes

~~~&&&~~~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~~~&&&~~~

I realise this is a fragrance for men but I do quite like some of the more manly fragrances as I like woody fragrances as well as fresh citrus ones and both those tend more towards unisex or male scents. Besides I never say no to a sample if it is free.

The fragrance is described by Carolina Herrera as: “ an irresistible elixir of seduction… reserved only for those who dare! A signature scent that you will recognize on the dance floor and won’t forget once you leave the party. Gustative, woody and spicy, inspired by the scent and attitude of the most exclusive parties.”

Personally I think they over sell this one. To me it is very much more unisex than male. It is subtle and starts quite fresh but with a definite sweet lime aroma rather than a sour, citrus hit . It isn’t really spicy at all which I rather expect from a man’s fragrance.
To me it smells citrus and fruity, slightly sweet but not overly so, just more than I would have expected from a male fragrance and the lack of spicy base finish makes it just fade away with a subtle warm creamy aroma.IMG_0213[1]

I notice it does have vodka and gin in it and it does have a hint of an alcoholic drink in the initial blast but thankfully not so much that it smells like you have had a drink spilled on you!!
The sillage is poor and it didn’t last well on me, by three hours it had all but disappeared on my skin. It does last a bit better on fabric such as a scarf or handkerchief but it is not a strong lasting fragrance.

~~~&&&~~~ WHERE TO BUY AND COSTS ~~~~&&&~~~
This fragrance can be bought in 50ml and 100 ml EDT , a 75 ml deodorant and 100 ml after shave lotion.

Boots have just the 100ml EDT for £61 have 50ml for £35.95, 100ml for £44.95 ,200ml EDT for £64.95, the 100ml aftershave for £24.20 and a gift set 50 ml EDT and shower gel for £33.20 have 100ml EDT for £43,60, 200 ml EDT for £63/36, the deodorant 150ml for £15.49, the 100ml aftershave for £23.84 plus other items at various prices.
So shop around and don’t forget to use cashback sites and rewards cards if you have them.

~~~&&&~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~&&&~~~
It is an okay fragrance, unmemorable and ordinary. It is pleasant enough but not one I would spend that much money on for myself. I will finish the sample when we go on holiday soon but it is one that I will quickly forget.

No in my view there are better fragrances you can buy for the money that will last longer. In fact I have perfumes that cost far less that are lovely and last really well on me so it is not good vale for money.

Lush Gorilla perfume – Lord of Goathorn


This has to be one of the oddest perfumes I have ever smelled. Lush in Derby had just the one tester bottle in there today and so naturally I had to try it. I opened the bottle and thought it was vile when I smelled it a bit like creosote or something dead really awful. However I thought some of the other new perfumes had smelled a bit odd when sniffed in the bottle so I dabbed a goodly quantity on my inner wrist and then recoiled.

The initial blast is truly powerfully foul. It smells like a wharf side with fish and seaweed, tar and ropes but pungent and rather yukky.

I spent some time in the shop buying stuff and chatting to the staff as I always do and we all thought this was one we probably wouldn’t be rushing to buy. Some were more polite and said it was an acquired taste and maybe it was one you either loved or hated!

They did offer to wash it off but I decided to leave it on and see if it changed at all. For at least half an hour the notes of tar and ropes still hung around but fortunately the fishier rank notes did fade after about twenty minutes.
After about an hour the scent did improve and became quite licorice like on me. On my clothes the stronger notes still hung around a bit more but in fact it became far more acceptable after about an hour or so.

“Inspired by a longshoreman known as the Lord of Goathorn, this is a distinctly marine-like fragrance. Its initial intriguing seaweedy smell turns to smoky lime and basil lifted on a sea breeze.”

According to Basenotes this was
“ Inspired by a small, uninhabited peninsula off the coast of Poole – and the fisherman who lived there and had his boats commandeered by smugglers who would then leave him bounty. The smell evokes the sea using seaweed, lime and basil.”


Lush managed to create a distinctly atmospheric one here but not sure if it is one I will be rushing to buy. It is an acquired taste to say the least and I can’t see many people wanting to smell like an old fisherman really!

Lush used seaweed absolute combined with tarragon oil and basil oil to create this one. I can’t imagine how tarragon and basil combined with seaweed to create quite such an odd aroma. If it was just seaweed then it wouldn’t be so bad but where did the tar and fishy aroma come from?

This new range is not presented in the plain black bottles that we are used to in Lush perfumes. These are in clear square bottles and some are round classic bottles depending on the size of the perfume inside. The labels are quite different, this one is a deep pinky red and white. There is a man with a cap and a sack walking and he is in black and white. The name of the perfume is in black with ‘Lord of’ and ‘Goathorn’ below the picture. It is sort of retro cartoon style with the colours and certainly very different from the plain black ones of the original perfumes. They look a bit like mini liqueur bottles to me.

The overwhelming scent that hits you in this one is the seaweed combined with fish and that of tar and ropes. After some time it does improve and the scent becomes one of liquorice which is much more pleasant, sadly you will have to put up with the bus emptying and everyone moving away from you before it mellows to the preferable liquorice scent.

This is such an amazingly strange perfume and the odd scent lasted far longer than I wanted it to. The more pleasant liquorice aroma lasted until I washed it off that night. On my clothes it was the nicer scent that stuck fortunately so I didn’t have to wash my jumper the next day. This is one strong and powerful perfume and not one that you would need or want to top up at all during the day.

The sillage I can’t comment on as I went straight home and by the time I got there it had calmed down a bit. Nobody actually recoiled from me but then nobody said I smelled nice either!!

I am sorry all of you who are thinking of buying this as my Lush shop only had the tester bottle and it doesn’t seem to be available on line either despite being on the website so you will have to watch the Lush website with anticipation and wait patiently.

I am quite sure this one will not appeal to many people. This is a unique scent and a very odd one too. I certainly will NOT be buying it.
If you are in a Lush shop test with great care – you never know you might like it!!! 

This reminds me of strange liqueurs we have bought when abroad that atse disgusting when we get home. I love the fact that Lush create perfumes based on experiences but this is an experience I can live without!!

“Sunflowers – Exhilarators” body spray by Elizabeth Arden


I  was wandering through the Westfield centre with my daughter when we passed the Perfume shop with a box of reduced products. I cannot walk passed a reduced sign never mind a box you can rummage through so in we went. This bottle was reduced to £3 and so I gave it a quick spray and I quite liked the smell so I bought it.

sunflowers 2

My bottle

This bargain body spray didn’t come in a box at all and is in a fairly plain plastic bottle with orange sun symbols around the white name of the product. The lid is orange with a clear plastic cover which comes off when you want to use the spray. The bottle is not that attractive or feminine and it certainly wouldn’t jump off the shelf at me for its looks.

 Elizabeth Arden is a company that has been around for years. I can remember my mother having cosmetics from this company when I was a child and I had always got the impression that it aimed for quite a sophisticated more mature market so I was quite surprised at this product’s packaging which is not at all sophisticated and rather utilitarian in my view.


The bottle as I have said is plastic and fairly plain, the product can clearly be seen through the slightly cloudy plastic bottle which is useful as you know exactly how much is left. I also like the fact that the bottle is plastic not glass as a glass one this size would be quite heavy and I pop it in my handbag as I travel around and it’s always there for a quick spray.

I bought this bottle to take on holiday with me as a light fragrance to wear everyday when it was hot so the fact that it was a spray pump was great as I got a cooling each time I sprayed as well as a pleasant smell. It lasted the whole three weeks we were away in Costa Rica and I shared it with my sister most days too .We used it daily and often to cool and freshen ourselves as it was extremely hot at times. It was perfect as the scent was quite light and refreshing. I bought this as it was reduced and at the price I paid I feel I have had good value as there is still about a third left after using it for three weeks of holiday.
The scent of the product is described on the bottle as ‘Sunflowers with orange’. They suggest spraying this on your body after a bath or shower to feel ‘the invigorating lift’. I really don’t use this as a body all over spray but rather as a cooling refreshing light eau de toilette type of spray. It is definitely orangey, rather like orange blossom rather than someone peeling an orange. I’m not really sure that sunflowers have a very interesting smell but perhaps they provide the baser notes to this body spray. It reminds me of walking through orange groves on a lovely summer’s evening with the orange blossoms out on the trees. There is certainly a deeper base note behind the orange so this must be the sunflowers as there is nothing else listed in the ingredients that has a smell.



I find that the scent of the spray lingers for quite some time which I like and although it is quite wet I haven’t found it has marked any of my clothes.  The wetness of the spray is also most refreshing when you are somewhere really hot and much nicer than an aerosol spray would be. The actual product is quite an orange colour but it did not comeout orange even on white clothes. A couple of people in the group we were with in Costa Rica commented in my spray and I let them try it too and all made positive comments as to lovely orangey smell and also how lovely and refreshing the spray was in the heat. This is a body spray not a deodorant and I tend to use it as a delicate refreshing perfume when I am somewhere hot as I don’t like heavy perfumes in hot weather. I love smelling fresh and don’t think hot weather is an excuse for a lack of personal hygiene so a quick squirt to every now and then makes me smell more appealing and feel a lot cooler too.