Lush – Fire Tree


One of my favourite Lush perfumes is Scent of Freedom as the stories that go to create the three elements are so heartwarming. You can also buy the three individual elements of this perfume in Lush and this Fire Tree is one of those elements. This is perfume oil so the scent lasts really well and is pretty strong as well as being created from natural oils.

I have already written a review of Scent of freedom but this is one part of the three elements. The other two are ‘Old Delhi Station’ inspired by a story of a Tibetan monk and ‘Oudh heart’ inspired by someone who was in Guantanamo Bay. Every element is a lovely perfume on its own and they also combine to make a fabulous Scent of Freedom perfume.

Fire Tree comes in a small brown glass bottle with a screw top lid rather like you buy essential oils in so it seals properly and there is no danger of spilling and leaking. Inside there is a plastic inner top with a smaller hole so that you can get a little at a time coming out.

Fire tree

Fire Tree was inspired by an Aboriginal artist and one of his paintings that showed an aboriginal man wrongly accused of a crime which caught the attention of Simon Constantine when he visited in Australia. The painting reflected the struggle of the aboriginal people to claim back their lands which were taken when the British arrived as colonists.

The perfume is created from ingredients native to Australia, including fire tree oil, Australian sandalwood and lemon myrtle. It also has bergamot and orange flower. The perfume is meant to take you to images of the Australian landscape. Lush describe the scent as “invigorating, herbal and woody and also floral”.

I find it a really evocative scent and it does remind me of the Australian bush and the wonderfully scented native trees. It is quite citrusy with a strong powerful hit that then mellows and becomes creamier once it settles on my skin.

As you might have guessed I do love this perfume, I like it in the Scent of Freedom as a whole and also wear it alone as it is one that will take me anywhere. It is uplifting and long lasting. Because it is oil the aroma really lasts well on me and even four or five hours later I can still smell it on my inner wrists.

I also find that as this is an oil I can add it to a carrier oil and use it as a massage oil and if I am feeling very extravagant I add it to my home made bath truffles too. The ladies in Lush have said that they have dropped a few drops in water and put this in an oil burner to scent a room too.

This is a Lush product and so it has to be purchased from Lush and sadly some of their perfumes are only available on line now. I am not sure about this one being in the shops so it is worth a look. I bought mine from Ebay and so got a bargain. Usually this Fire Tree costs £20 for 15ml, which sounds rather a lot but it is oil concentrate so you don’t need to use a lot to get a good scent on your skin.


Yes do give this a try as it is a fresh yet heady sort of scent that is unusual and the perfume has a lovely story behind its creation too. I love all the elements of Scent of Freedom this included and I love the three together as well. This is a scent that is a unique creation that also brings Aboriginal ingredients to us and also brings to people’s attention the plight of the Aboriginal people in Australia which is such a sad and cruel history. So this is lovely perfume oil as well as being an education too.