Taylor Swift ‘Enchanted Wonderstruck’ – eau de Parfum

Taylor Swift ‘Enchanted Wonderstruck’ eau de Parfum


Once again this little booklet cover with 1.5ml spray made its way via one of my many freebie sites that I scour on a daily basis. The outer cardboard ‘’book cover is a very stylish Turkish sort of design and colour scheme. It is a deep maroon with gold leaves and a colour scheme I would be happy to have as a feature wall in my bedroom.

Wonderstruck Enchanted bottle

My little spray bottle is just a small phial with a spray lid but the real bottle is the same deep red or burgundy round bottle with the perfume name on the front and a ‘necklace’ around the lid with some little charms, a bird a flower and a leaf with one sporting a large diamante crystal. It all looks a bit young and like a child’s charm bracelet to me. It is not that unusual but not offensive either and does remind me of other pop star endorsed bottles like Britney Spears with its bling like charms and bracelet which to me tells me that they are aiming at a younger audience than me with the bottle although the box design is beautiful.

I had to find out for myself. She is a pretty young blonde singer song writer who achieved ‘fame’ in 2006, she appears to be more country style as she has been honored in the Nashville Hall of fame and has sold an astounding 26 million albums!!

Her first perfume ‘Wonderstruck’ was created as something she had always wanted to do since a young teen. This is a variation on the theme as it is a red version in colour of that blue bottle and box design. I quite liked ‘Wonderstruck’ it was light and fruity and certainly one I would be happy to wear for a day at a time on holiday somewhere hot maybe.

Needless to say Taylor swift was not actually the creator the perfume was launched in cooperation with the Elizabeth Arden once again but this one was the work Olivier Gillotin of Givaudan. This one was created as an oriental – gourmand fragrance.

Wonderstruck Enchanted box

“Wonderstruck Enchanted is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance. Wonderstruck is about that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone, but then there’s that feeling of being completely enamored — enchanted — when you know a little more about that someone and still feel that strong connection,” according to Taylor Swift.

Top Notes: Passionfruit, poppy and wild berries
Middle notes: Peony, Chambaca, sugar and freesia
Base Notes: white musk, woody notes and vanilla

On initial spray the first thing that hits me is sweet and fruity, I am not sure what poppy smells like but the fruity is prominent and quite strong at first. After about ten minutes it has faded quite dramatically on me and there is a warmer sweet floral note. It fades rapidly and ends as a sweet vanillary scent with not a lot of depth in m my view.

On my skin the fruit and vanilla very quickly seem to blend together. I find that it really doesn’t last that well on me and found that her previous ‘Wonderstruck’ lasted better on me. I do quite like this as I am a fan of vanilla but if you are not ,then avoid this as it is very sweet and creamy. To describe it as oriental I think is being rather hopeful as it is too light and sweet to be really oriental as I usually think of orientals as heavy and deep with some lasting power. In fact, after half an hour or so ,I find it quite hard to smell this on my skin altogether because it’s so soft and blended well into just a general sweetness.

I would describe this as almost like a vanillary spray I bought in Boots but with a little more fruitiness. It is generally a sweet, warm and smooth scent , but nothing very original and certainly not one to get excited about. It is not offensive unless you hate vanillary sweet scents but as it fades so fast that all I smell I a gentle sweetness as though I have had some talc on me.

This is a newer perfume than her previous offering and is more expensive on Amazon. Personally I prefer the first as it is a bit more unusual and has a better lasting power. On Amazon 50ml costs £24.25 while her original ‘Wonderstruck’ costs £14.50 for 30ml on Amazon. If you are interested I suggest you try it first in a shop and then search on line for the best buy.

It will be happy enough to wear this for the few days until my sample runs out. It is pleasant enough and do quite like the fragrance but not enough to make me want to buy a larger bottle. This is a very young and light feminine scent with a very short lasting power. This is an okay, forgettable scent. It doesn’t give me any more than a cheap body spray and certainly lasts about the same time.