Lush – Dirty solid perfume

Dirty Solid Perfume

tagline:” Feels like : The only thing that gets you clean at a festival”

I my panic to make sure I had got some of each of the perfumes that are going to be discontinued in Lush shops I rushed out and bought myself a few of the solid versions. This was one I bought just the other day. You will still be able to buy this on line but not in the shops very soon. I love Lush and especially love their wonderfully unusual perfumes so want to make sure I don’t miss out on any!

The solid perfumes weigh 12g so they are not huge but I rather like them to carry in my handbag as there is never a danger of any leakage and you can quickly pop a little on your pulse points without spritzing others in the bargain.

The perfume I am reviewing here is the solid version of DIRTY which I bought just the other day. The solid version costs £5.00 while the small spritzers are £9.50, the large 30ml version is £21 and the 2ml sample sells for £2.00. I think the solid version offers good value as the 2ml wouldn’t give me many uses and the solid ones have always given me plenty of use as you don’t need a lot to get a pretty decent aroma but you do have to be careful if it is very hot weather as it does melt very easily. I would also suggest that keeping it in the fridge may affect the scent so would not advise that.

Mark Constantine – co-founder Lush

Mark on Dirty fragrance:
“Dirty is a scent that boys will like for its fresh, sexy smell and girls will love them to wear (or might like to borrow!). Dirty was inspired by the term ‘Italian shower’ – a common phenomenon in men of all ages, who leap out of bed in the morning, spray under the t-shirt they’ve been wearing all night, and head out of the door. Although the Dirty man has no time to spare, he will always brush his teeth before making love, so this fragrance has a big hit of spearmint that’s clean, fresh and invigorating. A real wake-up call, Dirty is choc-full of uplifting notes, including the fresh herbs thyme and tarragon. Oakmoss and sandalwood are woody, but also very clean and a little sophisticated, too. Basically, it does the business.”

Simon on Dirty fragrance
“I liked the concept of cleaning your teeth making mint into an aphrodisiac. So I started to break down the fragrance, beginning with the Toothy Tabs. I thought that if you really wanted to harmonise yourself, you needed to extract the different parts of the perfume and put them in each product you’re using. By the time you’re finished, you’ve put the fragrance together.”

So there you have both father and son‘s views on this and why they created this rather different scent.

Simon Constantine


Initially I wasn’t that fussed on this one as it did smell rather toothpaste-like but it has grown on me over time. It is one of the more masculine smells although unisex as far as I am concerned but a smell I am happy to wear but could seen men also being happy with it as it is a clean fresh herby sort of smell and not really sweet or feminine.

This is not one of Lush’s smack you in the face smells, it is a milder aroma that stays with youy all day but doesn’t kick you nose as soon as you put it on.
I always put the solid perfumes on my inner elbows, inner wrists and then in my cleavage as then I can smell them all day long. I find that the solid perfumes last really well as whatever the solid carrier is sits on my skin and keeps the scent in.

This smells minty to me initially but then the herby aromas start to blend with the mint so it isn’t as sweet as just plain mint, more herby. When I say mint I mean garden spearmint not polo mints type mints. I could make my own as I have mint, all types, tarragon and thyme so I have three of the main ingredients. I might have a bit of a problem with the sandalwood and oakamoss though.

I do love the fresh hit that you get from this and also the way the other herbs gi together and blend to make the lighter notes in this. The sandalwood again is one of my favourite smells and reminds me of India while the oakamoss adds the warmer mossy woody heart notes. It is a gentle clean manly smell but is still very appealing to both men and women.


The scent notes in this one are Spearmint, thyme, tarragon, oakmoss and sandalwood . Not many but they do combine to create quite an unusual scent suitable for both men and women.

Somehow this scent also reminds me of the seaside but not quite sure why as not of the notes are really things that you find at the seaside but maybe it is the fresh aroma that takes me there.

Once I sniffed this in the shop I was not too sure at first but the threat of its removal from the shop encouraged me to buy it and use it a bit more. It is actually quite hard to smell different perfumes in the Lush shop as there are so many smells going on in there. What I usually do is put the perfume on using the samples there. I then go off and do my shopping. I do one perfume at a time. If I like it still after I have finished my shopping it then does on my ‘Wish List’.

I have to admit I do buy a lot on Ebay as you can often get them cheaper there. I just look for which are on there and bid to a certain amount. I miss out on loads but I decide what I am prepared to pay and stick to it. I also ask for them for gifts from the family too and that is how I have built up my collection.

I have the solid perfume in this so when I put this on it lasted pretty well all day long. The concentration is actually stronger than I thought initially. I wipe the solid stick on my inner elbows and wrists and then behind my ears. If I want to enjoy it more I wipe a bit down my cleavage as the warmth brings the scent up to my nose then. I know it lasts all day as I can still smell it on my wrists now and I put this on this morning.

I have found this one has grown on me in the last few days and I really like it now. It will never be my favourite of Lush’s perfumes but it is certainly very fresh and different. I think this would be more suitable for a day wearing than an evening scent.


Another good thing about the solid perfumes is that the plastic containers that they come in are recyclable through Lush and if you take back five of these or a mix of these and the black pots then you can choose a free fresh face mask or hair mask for your reward.

The solid perfumes usually have a use buy date about a year after they were made.
If you are lucky enough to have a Lush store like the one in Derby with a full range of perfumes I recommend you to give them a try. They are not to everyone’s taste as they are quite strong and a lot of them have quite deep strong and more heavy notes but I love them and spend ages listening to the stories as to the inspiration behind their creation.

To me perfumes are a sort of experience that is more than just the smell. They are a bit like fine wines and single malt whiskeys in that there is poetry and art in their creation. These to me are all part of the perfume, the inspiration, the poetry and the images that are created by you in your head as you first sniff the perfume as well as the effect you have on the scent, the way it changes on you and your own skin. It is all part of the magic to me.


Monsoon eau de toilette

Monsoon – eau de toilette

I bought this eau de toilette a while back from Ebay as the scent combination intrigued me and sounded like one I would like. I didn’t pay very much for it but it sells for around £10 usually so it isn’t one of the top priced designer fragrances.

The perfume came in a lovely purple almost ‘Liberty’ patterned box which looked very classy and exotic with sort of swirls a bit like peacock feathers on it.

Inside the box the bottle has a long neck with a metal cover in the same sort of pattern as it on the box the glass bottle is very squat and round. To me it looks like an expensive perfume bottle, it has lovely colours and an interesting shape.
The perfume even looks pink but I think it might be the glass that is pink however it does look very pretty, girly but also quite sophisticated too.


The perfume can be bought in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml and is sometimes on Amazon, ebay and even Boots as well as Monsoon. I would suggest looking on line for the best prices.

The notes listed as being in this eau de toilette are:
TOP NOTES – Neroli, Bergamot and Lychee
FLORAL UNDERTONES – Bougainvillea petal and Moroccan rose oil
BASE NOTES – Eastern spice and hot amber oils.

The eau de toilette has top notes of neroli, bergamot and lychee. This is what hits you first as you spray this on; a fruity fresh light fresh smell which I liked and reminded me of a fruit salad with citrus notes. Later the other notes creep in subtly and I can detect the Moroccan rose and a hint of amber. However the base notes of amber and eastern spice, not sure what that is, really doesn’t come through in my view which is a shame. As far as I know bougainvillea petals don’t have much scent and I certainly couldn’t pick that out. The deeper sensual warm notes are really not there and the sensual aroma is very lacking. This is a nice gentle smelling eau de toilette and I do quite like it but what I find disappointing is its lack of staying power.

It is meant to be Monsoon’s more sensual exotic and heavy scent but it doesn’t manage that I would wear this is the day and certainly wouldn’t describe it as heavy or sensual and wouldn’t be one I would choose for an evening scent except maybe somewhere hot. I always find I like lighter scents when the weather is very hot as they are more refreshing.


I would suggest that this would suit younger people rather than sophisticated older ladies. I am not sophisticated so will happily wear this during the day. I am not into the really heavy scents such as ‘Poison’ or the like but rather like the lighter fresher scents. However I do like my scents to be deeper, I like the amber, patchouli, frankincense notes to hang around a bit longer. I like to be able to sniff where I have put my perfume and smell something there a few hours later. I also like the fact that my clothes smell of my fragrance after I have sprayed the scent over me when dressed. This does not stay at all and certainly by the end of the morning I can’t detect any scent at all.
I realise this is not an expensive scent to buy even at full whack but other body sprays that I have used like Soap and glory have lasted longer than this and have been a lot cheaper.

If this is Monsoon’s deeper, heavier more sensual eau de toilette then the lighter one must barely be worth wearing. Sorry Monsoon although this smells lovely and fresh as I spray it on me I am very disappointed in the lasting quality of the scent. It is described on sales sites as “Sophisticated and elegant” but I’m afraid it doesn’t do it for me.

This is a beautifully presented eau de toilette in a pretty purple paisley sort of ‘Liberty’ patterned box with a nice delicate shaped bottle. I loved the patterned lid too and think the product looks very elegant and classy. However I am not saying this so bad I would give it away. It smells lovely but lacks any staying power. This is not one I will be buying again.

“Sunflowers – Exhilarators” body spray by Elizabeth Arden


I  was wandering through the Westfield centre with my daughter when we passed the Perfume shop with a box of reduced products. I cannot walk passed a reduced sign never mind a box you can rummage through so in we went. This bottle was reduced to £3 and so I gave it a quick spray and I quite liked the smell so I bought it.

sunflowers 2

My bottle

This bargain body spray didn’t come in a box at all and is in a fairly plain plastic bottle with orange sun symbols around the white name of the product. The lid is orange with a clear plastic cover which comes off when you want to use the spray. The bottle is not that attractive or feminine and it certainly wouldn’t jump off the shelf at me for its looks.

 Elizabeth Arden is a company that has been around for years. I can remember my mother having cosmetics from this company when I was a child and I had always got the impression that it aimed for quite a sophisticated more mature market so I was quite surprised at this product’s packaging which is not at all sophisticated and rather utilitarian in my view.


The bottle as I have said is plastic and fairly plain, the product can clearly be seen through the slightly cloudy plastic bottle which is useful as you know exactly how much is left. I also like the fact that the bottle is plastic not glass as a glass one this size would be quite heavy and I pop it in my handbag as I travel around and it’s always there for a quick spray.

I bought this bottle to take on holiday with me as a light fragrance to wear everyday when it was hot so the fact that it was a spray pump was great as I got a cooling each time I sprayed as well as a pleasant smell. It lasted the whole three weeks we were away in Costa Rica and I shared it with my sister most days too .We used it daily and often to cool and freshen ourselves as it was extremely hot at times. It was perfect as the scent was quite light and refreshing. I bought this as it was reduced and at the price I paid I feel I have had good value as there is still about a third left after using it for three weeks of holiday.
The scent of the product is described on the bottle as ‘Sunflowers with orange’. They suggest spraying this on your body after a bath or shower to feel ‘the invigorating lift’. I really don’t use this as a body all over spray but rather as a cooling refreshing light eau de toilette type of spray. It is definitely orangey, rather like orange blossom rather than someone peeling an orange. I’m not really sure that sunflowers have a very interesting smell but perhaps they provide the baser notes to this body spray. It reminds me of walking through orange groves on a lovely summer’s evening with the orange blossoms out on the trees. There is certainly a deeper base note behind the orange so this must be the sunflowers as there is nothing else listed in the ingredients that has a smell.



I find that the scent of the spray lingers for quite some time which I like and although it is quite wet I haven’t found it has marked any of my clothes.  The wetness of the spray is also most refreshing when you are somewhere really hot and much nicer than an aerosol spray would be. The actual product is quite an orange colour but it did not comeout orange even on white clothes. A couple of people in the group we were with in Costa Rica commented in my spray and I let them try it too and all made positive comments as to lovely orangey smell and also how lovely and refreshing the spray was in the heat. This is a body spray not a deodorant and I tend to use it as a delicate refreshing perfume when I am somewhere hot as I don’t like heavy perfumes in hot weather. I love smelling fresh and don’t think hot weather is an excuse for a lack of personal hygiene so a quick squirt to every now and then makes me smell more appealing and feel a lot cooler too.