Versace – Bright Crystal EDT


Once more I have delved into my drawer where I keep my perfumes and found another little spray sample that I have not yet reviewed.

This one is from the House of Versace which really needs no further introduction as it is one of the more well known fashion houses. This fragrance was released in 2006 and was created by Alberto Morillas.


This one came in a nice mini box similar to the one the full sized perfume comes in. the box is pale pink darker at the top then fading as it goes further down. The top of the box is silver with an embossed diamond pattern. It is quite understated but also classy.

My mini spray is white plastic with a pink lid. Simple and rather functional to my mind. The actual full sized bottle is more attractive and is sort of chunky square in clear pale pink glass with a clear diamond cut plastic/glass stopper of the spray. It is quite attractive but not earth shattering in it originality.

I see on the Boots website that 50 ml of this in a spray bottle will set you back nearly £50 while 100 ml is pretty close to the £100 mark. I suspect if you shop around you may find it cheaper but it is one of the more expensive eau de toilettes generally. I find fragrance direct on line is usually a lot cheaper and often half the price of Boots.


The top notes are pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord.
The heart notes are Peony, magnolia and fresh lotus
The base notes are amber extracted from plants, musk and red woods.


The initial spray of this is very light and fresh, sweet but with a pleasant sort of water melon note to soften the sweetness. That is probably the pomegranate as that is not a sweet aroma. The yuzu is a Japanese orange type of fruit so again fresh and citrussy and heaven knows what frosted accords are except presumably fresh and like a frosty day.


It began to fade after about half an hour which is not surprising as it is an EDT not an EDP. The floral notes became more obvious but again in a subtle way not heavily floral nor too sweet. The strange thing is that I can also smell roses and there is no rose element listed in the notes maybe it comes from the peony notes combined with others. This stage was lovely freshly floral and a very ‘pretty’ feminine fragrance to me.

About three hours after I first applied the eau de toilette I could still smell it on my wrist which is where I apply all my perfumes for reviewing purposes. I then write the review over time taking note of the scent developing and changing.

The dry down is still floral and fresh with the warm musky notes giving a depth to the scent. I am afraid the amber was too subtle for my unqualified nose but the end result is a lovely fresh floral scent with a warm heart but not at all heavy.


This to me is a lovely light fresh floral, very feminine and perfect for a summer ‘s day. It is not dominating but it is very much there and I would be happy to wear it.

I can’t say I will be rushing to buy it , mainly as I already have far too many perfumes but also because it doesn’t have the wow factor for me. It is a pretty and youthful scent and I will happily use my sample and would apply it at an airport but probably not buy it myself.


Nicki Minaj Minajesty – Eau de Parfum

My sample

I have never heard of this person or brand before I received this sample through the mail. The sample came as a small spray glass vial in a folder of card which was a deep pink colour with black edges top and bottom. It was fairly plain and gave no hint of what I might expect from a bottle of this perfume! Probably not a bad plan considering it has to be quite the ugliest and oddest perfume bottle I have ever seen.

This is a fairly new offering, only released last year by Nicki Minaj. The lady I have discovered is an American rapper or hip hop singer which is why I have not heard of her as I avoid all rap music. She is an attractive girl who seems to dress quite normally. Not in an outrageous manner like some singing stars do. She seems to be outspoken and has come to blows verbally with a number of other singers I have read.

She has released a couple of perfumes, this one and the one that was released before this was called ‘Pink Friday’ has an equally hideous bottle but with straight pink hair on the lady as opposed to the red curly hair on this one. Both bottles show the top half of a woman wearing a decorative bra but they both look a bot dominatrix to me.

The bottle

It isn’t an expensive perfume so obviously aimed at the younger market and despite it rather odd bottle it is aimed at women as it is a light sweet perfume. It costs around £16 for 30 ml which is the cheaper end of the perfume market I would say. It is marketed as a perfume not an EDT but I feel it is a very light scent and more like an EDT.

The scent is marketed to appeal to those wanting a sexy sensual scent “Rule your queendom with Nicki Minaj Minajesty, a captivating and sultry fragrance.

A thoroughly sultry and glamorous statement that raises the bar, Nicki redefines reality with a wink of playfulness. With a nod to her vibrant and animated personality, Nicki conquers with power and femininity as the majestic queen of her luxurious world. “


Apart from the fact I think the bottle is hideous and would not allow it in my house I find that the scent is very light. I would describe it as a light fruity floral EDT and sensual and sultry would be low down my list of descriptive words for this.

The notes in this perfume are:
Top notes are red berries, lemon and peach
middle notes are magnolia, frangipani and orchid
base notes are tonka bean, vanilla and musk.

Looking at the list of notes you can see there are no deep base notes, they are all sweet creamy and there is no earthiness or depth to me.
I sprayed this on my wrist about two hours ago and after the first fresh hit that made me sneeze which was very fresh and sweet with the citrus and peach coming through strongly. It didn’t smell too natural to me though, rather synthetic.

The dry down has left me with a hint of sweet talc like scent with a hint of creamy magnolia. It has virtually disappeared in reality.

It has very poor longevity for a perfume , it is even poor for an EDT. The sillage is also not great. When I asked my husband if he could tell if I was wearing any perfume he said no, he couldn’t smell anything so considering he is in the same room sitting next to me shows that it is pretty poor at carrying it scent.

Well I won’t be buying it. I don’t think I am the target audience and I certainly wasn’t attracted to buy it by the packaging or the fact it was a celebrity fragrance as I have never heard of the young lady in question.

I think the bottle is hideous and the scent is weak, sweet and doesn’t really have any lasting quality. It is far from sensuous and sultry.