Prada Candy – EDP


I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this perfume and always happy to get a freebie and have the chance to really try products I accepted with glee.

This is not a flashy unusual bottle like some posh perfumes. This is sleek and simple but still quite classy looking. The bottle is clear so the contents can be seen. That is good in that you get to see what is left but it does mean that you should keep it in its box or in the dark as light makes the perfume deteriorate. The bottle the n has a pink typical Prada coloured trim and a black lid. The lid comes off and under that you have a spray nozzle.


This fragrance was released in August 2011. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier and she was also the nose behind one of my favourites which is Gucci eau de parfam..


Top Notes : Musks- which is unusual to have as a top note and this is a deeper scent with a rather powdery note in this

Middle notes: Benzoin- This is a lovely creamy vanillary aroma and it does come through in the perfume.

Base notes: Caramel- this perfume seems back to front to me as you usually get this as a top note but this is the toffee aroma which mixes with the benzoin to give the caramel toffee sweetness.



This would never be a perfume I would have chosen just from the name alone. I am not drawn to sugary sweet. I prefer musky heavier earthy perfumes myself.

This is a vanillary creamy concoction and pleasant enough but I still would not buy it as it just isn’t me really.

It doesn’t really do anything , it goes on sweet and vanillary and stay as that throughout. I didn’t find it had much sillage as when I put some on my daughter I couldn’t smell it on her even though that day I had not worn it myself.

As for the lasting quality I would say it was average. I could still smell it on me about three hours later and in fact faintly even another few hours though if I wanted to go out and smell of this I would have refreshed it. It stayed on my clothes as the next day I could still smell it on them.

I think this reminds me of the sweet musk perfumes like Body shop and is a rather late sixties/early seventies sort of scent or at least one that I used to wear then. I remember going into Biba and dosing myself with musk!

This is a perfume that I feel would appeal to those who like sweet perfumes and probably the younger market rather than a sophisticated perfume. I do quite like vanilla but I prefer it when mixed with deeper musky aroma where this goes to the candy sweet ones which is not surprising given its name.

This is in no way a unisex perfume, it is pretty in pink, girly, frilly and sweet in my view. It certainly isn’t subtle as it whacks a big sweet hit with a slightly floral note to me. I don’t know where the floral comes from but it does remind me of honeysuckle .

The perfume fragrance is comes in three sizes and you can buy it in most High street shops that sell perfumes such as Boots, Debenhams and specialist perfume shops.
You can buy the 30ml size for around £40, the 50ml size for around £53 and the 80ml one for about £71.
I cannot see me buying this perfume as it just is not my taste. I am not girly and sweet craving enough. I am happy to have had the sample to play around with but it has told me that this one is not for me. I will finish my sample vial and will use it during the day when on holiday. I always take my left over samples away as I can have different scents each couple of days and then bring nothing home.


Britney Spears Fantasy the Nice Remix – perfume


Fantasy – The Nice Remix

Trawling through my pile of perfume samples I found this double pack of Britney Spears perfume. Inside the cardboard folder there are two glass mini spray samples, one is the Nice remix and the second is the Naughty remix.


I would NEVER go out and buy a perfume endorsed by a celebrity and certainly not one from Britney as I do feel I am way beyond the age of clientèle she is aiming her scent towards. My feelings for Britney stem from the years of having to endure her songs played on repeat by my step daughter when she was a young teen. I still can’t hear ‘Baby bay…’ without thinking of my step daughter and her obsession back then!

Fairy Floss or cotton candy


Britney released Fantasy back in 2005 and these remixes are based on that popular scent. These two remixes were released in 2014 so are fairly recent additions to the market.
The Naughty Remix is supposed to be slightly more daring and ‘darker’ while this one made for the lighter day time moments or those who like sweeter scents. Both are pretty light and sweet and based on the original Fantasy but emphasize different notes of the original.
“Fantasy is truly an unforgettable scent. Remixing the original notes to create new fantasy scents gives my fans and me more ways of expressing our inner fantasies – whether they’re naughty or nice.” Britney Spears.


This Nice remix is available in three sizes 30 ml, 50 ml and for real fans 100ml! The prices as always do vary so it is best to shop around. The 30 ml one varies around the £20 mark and at Superdrug it is £23, the 50 ml one has almost twice the quantity but is selling for £26 while if you like this scent by far the best value is the 100ml one which costs £40.

It is widely available both on line and in many stores so shop around for the best value.

I do feel a nice package and an original one is a selling point for a perfume. This comes in a pretty pink girly looking box. It has geometric patterns in various soft shades of pink and is very pretty looking especially for younger girls.

The bottle is a tall pale pink galss bottle which is rounder at the base and also lighter pink at the base. There is a gold ‘necklace’ arund the neck of the bottle. It isn’t fancy but is quite pretty and attractive.

This is sweet, almost teeth clenchingly sweet to me, cotton candy, boiled sweets cooking sort of sweet. It is described as being ‘romantic and flirty’ and ‘a sparkling fruity scent’.


The notes are one dimensional to me and they are kiwi, jasmine, sweet cupcake and creamy musk. SWEET as you can see. The kiwi lifts it slightly but in truth it is cupcake with cotton candy and nothing more. I sprayed a little on my wrist about two hours ago and apart from becoming slightly more muted the scent has stayed the same.


Not for me as my scents of choice are usually heavier on the base notes with amber, oudh and the like. This just smells like a sweet shop to me. I do realise I am not the target audience but even so it is very sweet. I think young teens may like it but this is one I won’t be buying or even using again I feel. I think the left overs of this may well end up being an air freshener at some time in a room.